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Auto Billing Shopping System & Analysis Using Python

EasyChair Preprint no. 8529

6 pagesDate: July 25, 2022


As we all know that shopping is easy but waiting on a bill counter after shopping is tedious task to perform. Huge amount of rush plus cashier preparing the bill is time consuming process. Hence, we have made an innovative project which will help customer reduce their average shopping time. Our system has RFID reader which is controlled by Atmega328 microcontroller. So, whenever we scan shopping tags over reader module it detects the product and display its information on computer/laptop. Further based on the data coming from arduino to computer/laptop through USB, we can do detail analysis of information. Hence this system is suitable for use in places such as supermarkets, where it can help in reducing man power and in creating a better shopping experience for its customers.

Keyphrases: Arduino, RFID, wireless communication

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