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Network Analysis and Management of the Hudson Valley Current

EasyChair Preprint no. 1432

16 pagesDate: August 25, 2019


Our paper discusses the architecture of the Hudson Valley Current (HVC), and maps its small but growing local complementary currency, the Current. Established in July 2013, the HVC is both a clearing house for its members and an issuer of currency in its own right. The HVC uses Currents to finance its own operations and support non-profit businesses and events in the area. This expenditure by the exchange can be considered "sound" because HVC owns and operates a free local magazine with 20,000 readers and redeems its local currency for advertising. This business centric model of currency issuance allows the HVC to pursue social goals and promote new network connections amongst members. We are adopting tools that will help us manage our network better and increase currency circulation and social impact for the broader local community.

Keyphrases: local currency, Mutual Credit, network analysis

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