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Futuristic Driving Safety System

EasyChair Preprint no. 9441

4 pagesDate: December 11, 2022


A lot of road accidents happen every day that 
consume a lot of lives. Many safety measures have been taken 
by the governments by introducing rules and regulations for 
road safety. If the mistake happens by the driver of the 
vehicle, the situation is out of rules and regulatory terms of 
the government because of human error. One of the main 
causes for road accidents is drowsiness or sleepiness of the 
driver. To detect the drowsiness and sleepiness of a driver in 
the vehicle, a real-life automated system is necessary which 
can alert him and warn him before any misconduct happens 
on the road. An automated system can help the situation to be 

Keyphrases: cruise control, Drowsiness, Eye Aspect Ratio, Facial Landmark Detection, Facial Recognition, lane detection

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