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Multicriteria Transport Problem: a Variable Sharing Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 5724

4 pagesDate: June 6, 2021


This paper presents a study on the optimization of transport problems in the construction industry, which makes it possible to mutualise the delivery of construction materials and the disposal of construction waste. This study is inspired by a real-world problem in which a pooling platform must centralize the delivery of building materials to the construction sites and the pickup of their waste, using a limited and heterogeneous fleet that are allowed to perform multiple trips, under time and capacity limitation constraints. The problem under study is an extension of the vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery, that considers new realistic constraints specific to the construction industry such as each construction site may have a priority on its delivery request or its pickup request or both, with a higher priority level for delivery request, and each construction site may have several time windows. To solve this problem, we consider a multi-criteria optimization problem, To do that, we will use game theory together with an algorithm for territory sharing in the case of simultaneous optimization.

The goal is to present a formulation of the Nash games between two players through two allocation tables. The two arrays have to be created using an iterative algorithm.

Keyphrases: Construction Industry, multicriteria problem, Optimization, Sharing Approach, transport

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