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Standardize Strawberry Crops by Applying the Quality Function Deployment in Huaura, Perú

EasyChair Preprint no. 3679

6 pagesDate: June 27, 2020


This research work seeks to propose the application of the QFD quality management tool in strawberry cultivation processes in the Huaura area. In the first instance, a review of the literature corresponding to the tool applied to agriculture is carried out, with which the quality control model for the strawberry production process is based. The hypothesis was established that the application of this quality control model will achieve the standardization of strawberry crops so that quality standards that allow export are achieved. A pilot implementation plan is proposed to corroborate the veracity of this hypothesis, selecting a particular type of strawberry, two farmers in the area and an implementation horizon of 8 months. It is expected to find the viability of this model to improve the quality of the strawberries of Huaura and the replicability of it to spread it in the region

Keyphrases: methodology, quality deployment, standardization, Strawberry crops

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