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Security and Privacy Challenges in IoT-based Greenhouse Control Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 13225

23 pagesDate: May 7, 2024


The rapid advancement of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has revolutionized various industries, including agriculture, where IoT-based greenhouse control systems have emerged as a promising solution for efficient and environmentally sustainable crop cultivation. These systems leverage interconnected devices and sensors to monitor and automate various aspects of greenhouse operations, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, and irrigation. While IoT-based greenhouse control systems offer numerous benefits, they also introduce significant security and privacy challenges that must be addressed to ensure the integrity, reliability, and confidentiality of sensitive data.


This abstract provides an overview of the security and privacy challenges associated with IoT-based greenhouse control systems. Firstly, it highlights the vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors to compromise the system's functionality, disrupt operations, or gain unauthorized access to critical resources. These vulnerabilities encompass hardware and software components, communication protocols, and the cloud infrastructure supporting the system. Additionally, the abstract discusses the potential consequences of security breaches in greenhouse control systems, including financial losses, crop damage, compromised yield, and reputational damage to farmers or organizations.


Furthermore, the abstract emphasizes the privacy concerns arising from the collection, storage, and usage of personal and environmental data within IoT-based greenhouse control systems. Given the sensitive nature of data generated by greenhouse sensors and devices, unauthorized access or data leakage can lead to privacy infringements, identity theft, or misuse of personal information. The abstract highlights the importance of implementing privacy-preserving mechanisms, data anonymization techniques, and secure data handling practices to mitigate these risks.

Keyphrases: Data Breaches, IoT-based greenhouse control systems, malicious actors, Privacy challenges, Security Challenges, Vulnerabilities

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