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Stringlets: Towards a More Fundamental Object That Makes up the Strings

EasyChair Preprint no. 8268

4 pagesDate: June 13, 2022


A more unified field theory demands a more fundamental object which can make up the vibrating strings in a multiply conjugate attachments that benefits in attaining the unitarity in the form of uniqueness in both the open and closed strings, provided those stringlets can’t exist alone but in conjugation makes up the Planck’s length with a little difference in the front point boundary of the starting stringlets to the endpoint boundary of the ending stringlets being attached in a loop to form a closed string, or remains unattached to form a open string. The nature of parity can be stated as the difference in the poles of the initial and final arrangements of the stringlets that if is ‘opposite’ can be attracted to form a loop and if ‘unique’ can be repulsive to prevent a loop. This paper will discuss the nature of those stringlets in detail which are elastic to provide the freedom of vibration, while the vibrations are taking place using the nodal attachments through the ‘points’ connecting two stringlets.

Keyphrases: connectivity, Nodes, string theory, Stringlets

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