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Deep Loving - the Friend of Deep Learning

EasyChair Preprint no. 11065

5 pagesDate: October 9, 2023


Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are good fields of research. Recently, the brother of Artificial Intelligence titled "Artificial Satisfaction" was introduced in literature [10]. In this article, we coin the term “Deep Loving”. After the publication of this article, "Deep Loving" will be considered as the friend of Deep Learning. Proposing a new field is different from proposing a new algorithm. In this paper, we strongly focus on defining and introducing "Deep Loving Field" to Research Scientists across the globe. The future of the "Deep Loving" field is predicted by showing few future opportunities in this new field. The definition of Deep Learning is shown followed by a literature review of the "Deep Loving" field. The World's First Deep Loving Algorithm (WFDLA) is designed and implemented in this work by adding Deep Loving concepts to Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Results obtained by WFDLA are compared with the PSO algorithm.

Keyphrases: Artificial God Optimization, Artificial Human Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Mother Optimization, Artificial Mothers, Artificial Satisfaction, Artificial Soul Optimization, deep learning, Deep Loving, Swarm Intelligence

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