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Face Recognition System

EasyChair Preprint no. 9153

4 pagesDate: October 26, 2022


In present times, face recognition has become one of the best technologies for   computer vision.   Face recognition   is always a very difficult task in computer vision, illumination, pose, facial expression. Face recognition tracks target objects in live video images taken with a video camera. In simple words, it is a system application for automatically identifying a person from a still image or video frame. In this paper we proposed an automated faces    recognitions system. This application based on face detection, feature extraction and recognition algorithms, which automatically detect the human face when the person   in front of the   camera recognizing him. We use KLT Algorithm, Viola-Jones Algorithm face detection which detects human face using Ha a r cascade classifier, however camera is continuously detecting the face every frame, PCA   algorithm for feature   selection.    We apply a model combining to match the geometric characteristics of the human face.

Keyphrases: Haar cascade feature, Open CV, Python

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