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Automatic AnswerSheet Checker

EasyChair Preprint no. 7720

4 pagesDate: April 5, 2022


In this current era, world is moving towards computerization. Everything is made easier so, there is a necessity for automatic answer sheet checker. It takes plenty of time and energy to check an answer sheet manually. In this project the application is based on checking or evaluating answer sheet using NPL. The main objective of this project will be to save the time and manpower and to allocate marks based on keywords not the length of answers. Many times when the answer is evaluated manually the marks can be different for same answer but our application will equally distribute marks by using keywords which are provided inform of input by the admin.1st the answer is captured in form of photos. Then the answers are scanned and the keywords are picked from the photos. The marks are equally allocated based on the keywords. The total marks are calculated and result are shown at last.

Keyphrases: automatic answer sheet checker, NLP, Python

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