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Sustainable Solid Waste Management Through Resource Recovery and Recycling

EasyChair Preprint no. 5489

5 pagesDate: May 10, 2021


In this study, analysis of solid waste management through resource recovery and recycling was conducted. Investigation into waste resources recovery methods were carried out using two methods; visitation to streets in Awka to collect data on different kinds of waste recovery and waste auditing  in  Nnamdi Azikiwe University hostels. Result from street visitation revealed four different waste recovery methods to include waste recovery from dump site, waste recovery by itinerant waste buyers and scavengers waste recovery by event waste pickers and source-separation. Waste audit showed weight of recyclable, reuse, organic and single use to be 26%,47%, 21% and 6% respectively. The audits indicated that a reasonable amount of 64% of the waste should be diverted to recycling industries while only 38% will be disposed to landfill and incinerators. In conclusion, it is clear that more than half of the received waste at the landfill originates from recyclable and reuse discarded materials. It is therefore recommended that public awareness on  recovery of waste through source separation be implemented and government should establish recycling plant within the cities to help obtain hundred percent (100%) recycling of waste to decrease its negative impact in our environment.

Keyphrases: Recycle, reuse, Solid Waste Management, waste recovery

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