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Sculpting Enhanced Dependencies for Belarusian

EasyChair Preprint no. 8433

12 pagesDate: July 10, 2022


Enhanced Universal Dependencies (EUD, Schuster and Manning, 2016) are enhanced graphs expressed on top of basic dependency trees. EUD support representation of deeper syntactic relations in constructions such as coordination, gapping, relative clauses, argument sharing through control and raising. The paper presents experiments on the EUD parsing of the low-resource Belarusian language. We compare the effects of four approaches: (1) a rule-based enhancer; (2) a ShanghaiTech system (Wang et al., 2021) trained on Belarusian data labeled by (1); and (3-4) the cross-language parsing, in which the models trained on closely related Slavic treebanks, Russian and Ukrainian, are used to parse sentences translated from Belarusian, after which the annotations are projected using mBERT.

Keyphrases: annotation projection, Belarusian, dependency parsing, enhanced dependencies, Universal Dependencies

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