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Digital Economy: New Opportunities to Implement Eco-Innovations at Production Enterprises

EasyChair Preprint no. 2242

5 pagesDate: December 25, 2019


In present day conditions sustainable social development can be secured only by implementing eco-innovations at production enterprises. Types of eco-innovations and research review of production enterprises environmental management are given in this article. One of the management tasks is finding a balance between the production enterprises economic efficiency aimed at making a profit and practicability of introducing new ecological standards. One of the lines of digital economy is implementing of energy saving technologies and “green” patents. Today digital and “green” innovations synergy represents the sustainable development demand. Key aspects of digitalization positive influence on production plants ecological stability are listed in the paper. A new algorithm of implementing eco-innovations at production enterprises has been suggested. Digital economy methods used in this algorithm provide new opportunities for the enterprises sustainable development.

Keyphrases: digital economy, eco-innovations, production enterprises, sustainable development, «green» patents

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