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Android Based Real Time Road Accident Reporting Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 8694

5 pagesDate: August 22, 2022


With the current increase in the development of transportation, road widening projects, and motorcycle loops, the community has been suffering from road-related accidents, especially in an unfamiliar and isolated area. Victims of accidents may receive immediate medical assistance and increase the chance of survival if the accident is reported immediately to the corresponding authority. This study is conceptualized to develop an android-based real-time road accident reporting application using your android mobile devices. It is a mobile application that captures the accident and automatically gets the coordinates or the location of the accident and sends it to the nearest PNP office. In addition, the application requires the user to input their full name and contact details for validation. Furthermore, the conforming office will receive a notification on the web application and validate the report. Afterward, the medical team will be notified for immediate assistance. This study followed the RAD model for web applications and MADLC for the mobile application with the ISO-9126 questionnaire as an approach to gathering data. Respondents were categorized into three. 1) Police Officers and 2) Car and Motorcycle Riders 3) Civilians. Generally, the respondents evaluated the application as acceptable in terms of functionality, usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability as it benefits the community, especially the victims of road accidents to minimize fatality and lifelong injuries.

Keyphrases: Android-based, GPS, level of acceptability, real-time, Road Accident Reporting

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