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Review Paper on Smart Vehicle

EasyChair Preprint no. 6352

5 pagesDate: August 23, 2021


The vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communication system allows the exchange of information between vehicles and road infrastructures and vehicle to another vehicle. It aims to avoid or reduce vehicular accidents, increase mobility and provide other road safety benefits. This project aimed to review and analyze the literature on data exchanges in the V2I and V2V communication system. The factors   considered to  enhance the understanding of varied contextual aspects and characteristics of the sector were motivations, open challenges and proposals from other researchers. We systematically searched all articles on data exchanges within the V2I communication system. In that they uses DSRC and 5G,Bluetooth , WIFI technique but in that there is problem of range and data transfer rate. so ,to overcome that I broadcast the data openly using RF frequencies.

Keyphrases: communication, Vehicular Mobility, WiFi techniques

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