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Semi-Automatic Advanced Foldable Helmet

EasyChair Preprint no. 4225

4 pagesDate: September 21, 2020


Today there is a monstrous fine for challenging the traffic standards in India.The individuals who don't wear helmet get a colossal fine. Numerous individuals prefer not to wear head protector because of its substantial weight, heat and different parameters. To support wearing a protective cap, we structured this self-loader progressed foldable helmet. which is financially savvy, lighter in weight , and has different highlights, for example, cooling cushions, programmed wiper, foldable in nature, transparent OLED display, Bluetooth, GPS, night vision camera and our indigenously created voice colleague AI. Its biggest advantage is its folding nature which means the overall helmet can be put inside a solitary shell with the assistance of separated fragments in it. The wearer doesn't need to open his protective cap by any means. During the rainy season, it's hard to drive, water beads jump on the glasses which makes the vision hazy. To maintain a strategic distance from this issue, it contains an automatic wiping system. The helmet will automatically conceal the head with the assistance of a downpour meter sensor and the wiper will begin. kids generally nod off on the vehicle because of which mishaps occur. To maintain a strategic distance from such mishaps, a little piezoelectric buzzer is incorporated with an accelerometer so at whatever point they are at the skirt of nodding off the buzzer will ring up which will keep them awake. Similarly, during the night at times it’s hard to drive, with the assistance of night vision camera put at both front and back, the driver can drive in obscurity and whenever required with the assistance of edge detection he can figure out what the object is. Additionally, if a driver wants to navigate to a certain place, he can see the guide in the transparent OLED, for smooth and simple driving. The AI will assist the driver with various modes as and when required by the driver including messaging and calling.

Keyphrases: edge detection, geopy, Keras, Microlattice, OLED transparent display, OpenCV, PDMS, speech recognition, TensorFlow

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