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Live Broadcast Data Processing & Security by Software Based Encryption

EasyChair Preprint no. 1974

6 pagesDate: November 18, 2019


There are various types of digital content protection techniques available in the market. Effectively securing the content is the main challenge as we have various advance tricks & methods available that can easily hack our premium content. So, delivering the content like OTT & Digital TV services to end-user makes advance data security a very interesting topic.  This paper focuses on a key concept to use software-based encryption for Broadcast data security. This paper covers complete information about live data processing through broadcast equipment. The main point is securing the content through software-based encryption that will reduce the additional hardware needed to encrypt & decrypt the live content. The simplified approach of securing the content via open-source tools & platform makes the entire work interesting & cost-effective.

Keyphrases: activation, CAS, CW, DVB, ECM, EMM, MPEG, OTT, Security, STB, Subscription, TS

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