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ACL: a Mathematical Model for Assessing the Level of Higher Education in the World Based on Multimodal Data

EasyChair Preprint no. 9650

25 pagesDate: February 2, 2023


Every country attaches great importance to high education and has established its own unique high education mechanism. For a country, a sustainable higher education system can undoubtedly play a positive role in promoting the country’s economic development and the cultivation of advanced improvement.To this end, we make the following main contributions: Here, we set up the ACL [1] (Ability, Crowd, Level) model.We use fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method (FCEM) to evaluate ACL8 and get the score of each country in this item. Then, Entropy weight method (EWM) and analytic hierarchy process are used to calculate the weight of the eight indicators. After normalizing the eight indicators of each country, the comprehensive score and the indication’s score is calculated, which is used to evaluate the health of higher education of each country. we decided to use the UK as an example to improve it with the ACL modelThereafter, We have put forward some suggestions on the lower indicators of British higher education, that is, by improving the lower indicators of the UK in the ACL model to reach a healthy and cyclical level. in particular ,We use the Grey-Verhulst model. The predicted value of the next five years is brought into our model for scoring, and then the predicted value of the policy impact is obtained through our policy impact on specific indicators for evaluating the adjustment growth rate, and the evaluation value is brought into the evaluation system to verify whether our policy is feasible and the effect after implementation. Finally, we conducted an in-depth analysis and sensitivity analysis of the ACL model, and carefully considered the feasibility of the UK's policy guidelines to ensure the health and recyclability of the higher education system and we summarize the suggestions made according to the current development characteristics of the UK after Brexit, and focus on the suggestions made and the future development situation.

Keyphrases: ACL model, AHP, EWM, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, Grey-Verhulst

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