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To-do Application using Python and Django

EasyChair Preprint no. 4848

5 pagesDate: January 2, 2021


This TO-DO Application is a simple project developed using Using Django Framework, HTML and CSS. In this project user can add task according to their routing and priorities. After done their task they can easily delete their task so they can easily see that what task is remain to do. user can give the title name according to task so by name also they can easily understand what that task want to say and end of day or work they can easily mark which task is done and which is remain to do. here user can mark undone task which remain to done so next day they can only see undone task. This application is to useful to user who has busy schedules and lots of tasks in day.

Keyphrases: Django, Pycharm, Python, SQLite3, To-do application, Visual Studio Code

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