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Identifying Sources of Energy Consumption for Android Applications: a Pilot Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 10599

7 pagesDate: July 20, 2023


Over the years, the capabilities of cell phones have expanded far beyond their intended core functionality of making and receiving calls. Modern smartphones are effectively pocket-sized computers with a built-in display, CPU, GPU, memory, storage space, and so on. Although these advancements in mobile technology are impressive, they are unfortunately limited by a constraint that is not present with traditional computers: lack of a consistent power source. To work around this limitation, mobile operating systems apply optimizations to resource management that are not used with traditional operating systems, and application developers must take these limitations in to consideration as well. The need to optimize this process has given rise to the development of tools to analyze and identify how and when power is used. In this paper, we present and compare various tools aimed at performing this type of analysis on Android devices.

Keyphrases: Android applications, energy consumption, Mobile Operating Systems

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