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Establishing Equivariant Class [O] for Hyperbolic Groups

EasyChair Preprint no. 9021

9 pagesDate: October 7, 2022


This paper aims to create a class [O] concerning the groups associated with Gromov hyperbolic groups over correspondence and equivalence through Fuchsian, Kleinian, and Schottky when subject to Laplace – Beltrami in the Teichmüller space where for the hyperbolic 3-manifold when the fundamental groups of Dehn extended to Gromov – any occurrence of Švarc-Milnor lemma satisfies the same class [O] for quotient space and Jørgensen inequality. Thus the relation (and class) extended to Mostow – Prasad Rigidity Theorem in a finite degree isometry concerning the Quasi-Isomorphic structure of the commensurator in higher order generalizations suffice through CAT(k) space. The map of the established class [O] is shown at the end of the paper.

Keyphrases: Dehn, Haken Space., Jørgensen inequality, Laplace – Beltrami, Lickorish – Wallace, Teichmüller space, Švarc-Milnor

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