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Measurement of Customer Satisfaction through Emotion Analysis in the Banking Sector

EasyChair Preprint no. 97

4 pagesDate: April 25, 2018


Customer satisfaction plays an essential role in financial institutions. Particularly in the banking sector, a series of customer satisfaction studies is carried out in order to ensure the continuity of the customers with the bank. The most important ones of these are; questionnaires, feedback from the branch staff, and the increase in the client's banking transactions. By analyzing these studies, the satisfaction level of the customers can be measured. However, these measurements do not have a complete mathematical accuracy and can be misleading. In this study; the facial image of the customers who come to the bank are perceived by the camera and evaluated by emotional analysis. In this way, it is determined that the customer is satisfied or non-satisfied when leaving the bank. Problematic banking applications are also identified with the help of the analytical result of emotional analysis. In addition to this, the branch personnel of the bank who behave well to the customers are determined and performance evaluation is made more accurately.

Keyphrases: customer satisfaction, Emotion Detection, Emotional Analysis, Facial Recognition, Sentiment Analysis

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