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Model of Brand Value Management as a Process of Strategic Increase of Enterprise Value

EasyChair Preprint no. 3483

6 pagesDate: May 25, 2020


Constantly increasing the level of competition requires manufacturers of goods and services to individualize their products. Considering this factor, the brand takes on a new level of perception, a level of the strategic asset of the company, which allows evaluating the value of the company. With the pursuit of competitiveness and modernity, domestic companies have only in the last few years begun to view the brand as an integral part of their business, capable of generating additional profits at the expense of increased consumer loyalty. However, there are currently no standard methods for evaluating brand value, and there are some disadvantages to applying them. The article deals with modern research methods of the Interbrand and V-RATIO brand. It is revealed that the results of the calculations by different methods differ depending on the set goal: long-term or short-term costs. 19 brand evaluation criteria are considered. We propose our conceptual model of brand value estimation based on a closed system of factor analysis and modeling. The impact of the criteria on the choice of alternatives for choosing brand value strategies is suggested to be found by the Saati hierarchy analysis method. To enhance the adaptive properties of the selected criteria, it is proposed to use the mechanism of alternative strategies for increasing brand value by incorporating the Kohonen neural network process algorithm. The structure of hierarchies of influence of defined criteria on the brand development scenarios was constructed. Calculations were made by the method of analysis of hierarchies in the author's developed system, and it was found that having the resources to increase only one criterion of brand development would be the best development of leadership or internationality of the company. Based on the calculations neural network in the MATLAB,

Keyphrases: brand development scenarios, Company Value, economic added value, hierarchy analysis method, neural network, the value of the brand

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