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Geostatistical Approach for Evaluating Heavy Metal Contamination in Groundwater in the High Ziz Basin (Morocco)

EasyChair Preprint no. 3133

4 pagesDate: April 8, 2020


In the south of morocco, especially  the Ziz basin, access to the drinking water becoming a concern for the populations. In addition, is a main factor in the economic development of the region and the key to improving the standard of living of people and improving their health and ensure their stability in the region. Hence, the objective of this study is to evaluation of the concentration of the heavy metal (Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni, Pb and Zn) and determine the sources of pollution in groundwater of the high Ziz basin. Heavy metals soluble in groundwater after filtration is  evaluated by atomic emission spectroscopy with inductive coupled plasma (ICP-AES) using a JY-type spectrometer.

For a better evaluation the impact of deposits mineral deposits and geological formations on groundwater quality, we have analyzed the different variables through their correlations, orientation in the factorial plan F1 * F2 to identify the main factors which influence the quality of groundwater in the study region.

Based on this fact, we have adopted a multi-tool approach based mainly on hydrochemical studies and geostatistical techniques. Indeed, the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) shows four groups of groundwater according to the degree of contamination and the nature of the metal pollutants.

Keyphrases: ACP, Geostatistical, Groundwater, heavy metals, High Ziz Basin, Morocco

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