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Employing SABRE Relay Network for Country-Wide Blockchain Network

EasyChair Preprint no. 3485

6 pagesDate: May 25, 2020


Internet is taking a turn; services are moving more from centralised to decentralised approach bringing in the revolutions and speeds in the large-industrial applications and energy sector. These sectors are large scale and need a reliable and robust big network for its activities to work. In this paper, we try to support the Public Blockchains as the base for large country-wide networks to carry on its activities. We discuss the SABRE(Secure and Scalable Bitcoin Relay Network), which is a novel relay network designed as a countermeasure of the BGP highjacking attacks on the Bitcoin Network. We see how this method can be generalised for all the Blockchains and how it helps to reach a better network trust. We also discuss that it creates a market place out of block propagation while serving the needs of targetted country-wide Blockchain networks.

Keyphrases: Public Blockchain, public network, Relay Nodes, Routing, secure network design, Security

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