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Optimization of Regularization and Early Stopping to Reduce Overfitting in Recognition of Handwritten Characters

EasyChair Preprint no. 4489

12 pagesDate: October 30, 2020


Character recognition of handwritten texts is one of the most crucial aspects of any pattern recognition algorithm. The application of digit recognition is very vast, some examples but not limited to, include postal mail sorting, digitizing any hand filled form, bank check processing, signature verification, etc. For the purpose of this research, logistic regression was used to train a model to accurately identify the input digits/alphabets. Also, to improve accuracy of the model, parameter optimization was done on two major factors of logistic regression. The two parameters, the regularization parameter (lambda) and the number of iterations (during training) were closely studied and were optimized to eliminate any chance of Overfitting. Experimental results show that an optimized set of parameters would provide maximum accuracy on the test set and on the Training set if Regularization and Early Stopping were to be applied in a joint manner. The simulation was done on MATLAB using a Gradient Descent based algorithm to minimize the Cost Function. Gradient Descent was chosen as it is guaranteed to find the global minimum of a convex surface, however it can incur a high computational cost. I concluded from the simulation results that machine learning algorithms provide near to 100% accuracy in the training set, but face difficulties and significantly reduced accuracy on the Cross-Validation Set.

Keyphrases: early stopping, logistic regression, regularization

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