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Transitional Justice Mechanisms to Evolved in Response to Diverse Postconflict Landscapes

EasyChair Preprint no. 10792

7 pagesDate: August 28, 2023


In the wake of conflict, the quest for justice extends beyond immediate resolution, ushering in a
realm known as transitional justice. This paper, titled "Justice Beyond Conflict: Examining the
Evolution and Challenges of Transitional Justice," embarks on a comprehensive exploration of
the evolutionary trajectory and intricate challenges intrinsic to this transformative framework.
Surveying the historical evolution and diverse methodologies, the study unravels how
transitional justice mechanisms have evolved in response to diverse post-conflict landscapes.
Through in-depth analysis of case studies, the paper unveils their efficacy in reconciling justice
and lasting peace. Moreover, it delves into the intricate complexities and hurdles faced by
these mechanisms, delving into accountability and reconciliation dilemmas. By shedding light
on these dynamics, the paper underscores the expansive role of transitional justice, advocating
for a holistic comprehension of its capacity to shape justice and reconciliation. This examination
stretches beyond conflict, resonating in societies navigating the complexities of post-conflict
healing and societal transformation

Keyphrases: Claim, conflicts, Peace

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