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Intelligent Tourism System

EasyChair Preprint no. 12840

4 pagesDate: March 31, 2024


A travel application is a software program designed to help travelers plan and organize their trips more effectively. The application typically includes features such as flight and hotel booking, itinerary planning, destination information, and travel recommendations based on the user’s preferences. The goal of a travel application is to make travel planning and organization more efficient and convenient, providing users with a seamless experience from the initial planning stage to the actual trip. The success of a travel application depends on its ability to meet the needs and preferences of its target audience, provide reliable and accurate information, and offer a user-friendly interface. The development of a travel application requires a systematic and structured approach, including market research, user testing, and regular updates to ensure that the application is effective and efficient.

Keyphrases: Data-driven insights, dynamic pricing, real-time assistance, Smart city integration, Smart Itinerary Planning, Smart Navigation., tourism industry, Traveler Experience

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