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Second Generation Digital Native and Janus Face Social Media: Anomalies of Family Communication and Participation

EasyChair Preprint no. 7510

5 pagesDate: February 26, 2022


Today's students are understood as the second generation of digital natives (GDN-2) who are close and accustomed to using social media. Previous research describes digital natives in general, the inclusion of the role of social media in the daily life of digital natives. This study focuses on GDN-2, looks at the janus face of social media on students, the role of family and forms of participation in social media. 308 students were willing to fill out a questionnaire as initial data, then in-depth interviews were conducted (N= 31). The results showed that GDN-2 understood and was able to explain the positive and negative sides (janus face) of social media. It is useful to share information and opinions, apart from reaching consumers, it also adds ideas for activities and businesses, places to learn and reference materials, increases knowledge and insight into what is happening in the world, updates information, and establishes relationships. Harming work and main activities, addiction, wasted time, laziness, having to pay for the internet, and false information. There is an anomaly in family communication, parents do not have social media but give advice to their GDN-2 children to use social media wisely. Then reflected in the participation of GDN-2 in social media.

Keyphrases: family communication, Janus Face, participation, Second Generation Digital Native, social media

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