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Vibration Reduction on Tractor Seat Through Inclined Coil Spring with Collar

EasyChair Preprint no. 9189

14 pagesDate: October 29, 2022


The tractor is one of the essentials of the farmer and the production on the farm depends largely on the tractor and its safety provided by the OEM (Original Equipmetns Manufacturer). This study examines movements produced by Agricultural Tractors under various degrees of reduction vibration through the variable speed of the tractor. The digital vibration meter VB-08301HA was used to measure the movement made by the tractor. The tractor vibration rates on the plane of the seat resting plate at the X, Y, and Z directions were measured at speed (m / s2) at 1350, 1600 and 1850 rpm on the tractor using the integrated spring cables with the collar, the coil spring is a condensed tool used to conserve energy and then release it, absorb shock, or conserve energy between contact points. And the metal coil springs are made by firing the wire around the old one - the cylinder is used to build cylindrical coil springs. As a result, a small degree of vibration in the longitudinal direction (2.49 m / s2) has been found using the spring coil tendency. In the lateral direction, a maximum reduction in vibration was achieved under the use of a collar-mounted coil icon on the inclined floor of the tractor and seat base (2.93 m / s2). In vertical direction, vibration rates were obtained under the use of spring (6.52 m / s2). As a review of the downward vibration of the books it is very sensitive to the operator. Therefore the use of a flexible coil in the collar is very important to control the vibration of the tractor seat is recommended.

Keyphrases: better stability, Coil spring, Collar for spring coil, Driver's Life, Seat comfort level, Tractor Transmission

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