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Verification of Psychometry Results by Combining of Tempometry and Video Eye-Tracking Methods

EasyChair Preprint no. 4102

13 pagesDate: August 28, 2020


One of the applied purposes of psychometry is measuring of human characteristics, hidden from the naked eye, while person is regarded as a carrier of meanings, and also as an assemble of these meanings in behavior. This kind of knowledge allows us to understand the motives of human behavior and forecast reactions to cascades of stimuli. The modern arsenal of psychometric methods is so large, that they allow to describe with assigned detailing not only a psychoprofile of any person, but also to forecast his or her behavior in different environments. However, this statement works, only if a person does test tasks sincerely, that means, if his or her reaction-answers are truthful. But if the subject intends to disturb a researcher, then there is a possibility, that the trained testee realizes his or her intention without being condemned for falsification. Practice shows, that “scales of lies”, provided in the standard test methods, are often not able to locate an intended falsification of trained testees. Within the classical psychometry approach this problem – the scale of assesment of authentithity (thruthfulness) of the results of performing the test tasks during the active testee’s counteraction – doesn't find a sitisfying solution. However, the solution of this task is very important for provision of high quality and productivity of the forecasting activity of psychologists. Verification of truthfulness of the results of the performed psychological tests by a testee is suggested through unification of computer psychometry with video eye-tracking checking.

Keyphrases: behavior, Eye gaze tracking, Psychometrics, verification

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