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Intelligent Intersection Management: a Survey

EasyChair Preprint no. 6860

9 pagesDate: October 18, 2021


Intersection management is one of the biggest challenging problems in the current scenario of the transportation system. Due to the expansion in the mobility of the system, traffic lights cannot deal with it. Nowadays, advancement in the technology and communication medium has developed one different type of intersection management: cooperative intersection management. In collaborative intersection management, all the entities like road users, infrastructure, and traffic light controllers can efficiently communicate and coordinate traffic flow. We will discuss practical techniques for improving the road's intersections through new adaptive communication techniques and the challenges of doing such things.

Keyphrases: adaptive traffic, Adaptive Traffic Signal Control, Intelligent Intersection Management, intelligent traffic management project, Intersection management, non signalized intersection management, Non-signalized intersection, Signalized Intersection, traffic light, Traffic Management, VTL, WAVE

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