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Analysis of Incident Variables on Traffic Accidents in Ecuador by using Bokeh library

EasyChair Preprint no. 275

14 pagesDate: June 18, 2018


The Big Data that a lot of public and private institutions have about several variables measured through years, that sometimes it is not harnessed how it should be. The lack of powerful tools for make exhaustive analysis that allows discover insights, patterns, trends, correlations and others important relations has become in a barrier that nowadays could be easily destroyed. The purpose of this paper is make an analysis about traffic accidents in Ecuador using Bokeh library of Python programming language. This work is routed to discover relations between some variables such as: temperature, precipitations, accident hour and location, victims amount and accident class, that meanly characterize a traffic accident. This study will help to propose new strategies and improve some methods to reduce the accidents amount in Ecuador.

Keyphrases: Big Data, Bokeh, fatality rate, insights, Python, traffic accidents

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