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Consequential Development of Internet and Its Conclusive Impact on People and Economy: an India Perspective

EasyChair Preprint no. 7331

16 pagesDate: January 11, 2022


In 21st century connecting people have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Internet in this regard has acted as a catalyst in making the world extensively digital concentric. Internet has functioned as a structural element providing an ambient atmosphere for the integration of advance technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) etc. which has brought about an evolution in today’s world in different sectors of, education, industry, banking, marketing, communication and customer services. The significant achievements in all spheres, is thus a corroboration of how internet has shaped the present and will impact the future. Internet a commodity gifted by developed countries to the world, has had its maximum use and alterations in fast developing nations like India. The paper thus aims to analyse and interpret the statistical data and elaborately discusses the present scenario and growth - scope - causes that resulted in exponential increase in internet users in rural and urban India. It also reviews the variable consumption and distribution pattern of internet by users in terms of age and gender and the diversified and competitive internet service provider market industry in India. It discusses the rationales and impacts of internet on culture of masses in the country and scrutinizes the dominating effect internet has in pushing the country towards a cashless society. The paper also investigates the fact that the internet has played an effective role in influencing the country’s economy. The paper incorporates several relational and regression analyses of statistical interpreted data of internet and telecommunication data sets to give a wholesome context and conclusive result of the positive and negative aspects of internet development, a revolutionary change, on people and economy that transpired in the country in recent times.

Keyphrases: digital economy, Internet development, Internet Penetration., Tele-density, Telecommunication, wireless network

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