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Improve Image Classication by Convolutional Network on Cambricon

EasyChair Preprint no. 1831, version 2

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7 pagesDate: November 20, 2019


Cambricon provides us with a complete intelligent application system, how to use this system for deep learning algorithms development is a challenging issue.In this paper, we exploit, evaluate and validate the performance of the ResNet101 image classification network on Cambricon with Cambricon Caffe framework, demonstrating the availability and ease of use of this system. Experiments with various operational modes and the processes of model inference show, the optimal running time of a common ResNet101 network that classifies the CIFAR-10 dataset on Cambricon is 1715ms. We hope that this work will provide a simple baseline for further exploration of the performance of convolutional neural network on Cambricon.

Keyphrases: Cambricon, Convolutional Neural Network, Resnet101

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