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Design and Implementation of a Smart WBAN for Diabetes Management in Healthcare.

EasyChair Preprint no. 9124

17 pagesDate: October 26, 2022


Wireless Body Area Network is one of network technology that have revolutionized the world of technology and to explain the importance of the networking major in the different majors, in this project we choose one of the important major in the life is the healthcare major. The Self-Management can not only make the treatment effective but also makes the treatment cost effective in case of chronic diseases like Diabetes and metabolic disorders [17]. The Internet of Things (IoTs) consists of many smart devices and components that communicate via their connection to the Internet, which is used to collect data with sensors that obtain personal health parameters. In this study we made a device that measures the level of blood sugar in the patient through acupuncture and send the result to apply in the phone via WIFI technology, through the application the patient can see the result of the examination saved or deleted and work alerts for important times such as sports time, food and medicine and the time of visiting the doctor also can save information about the drug used and the competent doctor, therefore the patient can manage the level of blood sugar easily and without complications.

Keyphrases: Diabetes, Health and Safety, IoT, WiFi, WLAN

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