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Data Science Plus Plus (DS++): the Definition

EasyChair Preprint no. 12477

2 pagesDate: March 13, 2024


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are popular fields of research. A significant contribution was made to Artificial Intelligence in the recent past by defining branches like “Artificial Intelligence Plus Plus (AI++)”, “The Interesting and Complete Artificial Intelligence (ICAI)”, “Out of the Box Artificial Intelligence (OBAI)”, “Twenty Second Century Artificial Intelligence (TSCAI)”. A similar significant contribution can be made to Data Science by defining branches like “Data Science Plus Plus (DS++)”, “The Interesting and Complete Data Science (ICDS)”, “Out of the Box Data Science (OBDS)”, “Twenty Second Century Data Science (TSCDS)”. This article is based on these research gaps. The primary focus of this work is to coin, define and invent a new Data Science field titled “Data Science Plus Plus (DS++)”.

Keyphrases: Data Science, Data Science Plus Plus, DS, DS++

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