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A Review of Equestrian Polo and a Methodology for Testing the Mechanical Properties of the Mallet

EasyChair Preprint no. 3189

6 pagesDate: April 17, 2020


Due to the opinion, of traditional sports science, sports engineering struggled to attract funding as it initially began academic investigations. Equestrian polo is currently in a similar position due to the perception it is a game played by the rich and is not a real sport. This study highlights the level of skill and athletic challenge faced by players. Literature is scarce despite its global appeal and the high value in terms of historical reach and investment by the polo community. The game is unique in sports due to the multiplicity of interactions; player - pony, pony - ground, player – mallet, and mallet - ball. This work presents a graphical interpretation of the mallet during play. Using a materials analysis approach a testing methodology is proposed enabling quantifiable data produced based on the properties and performance of the mallet. The purpose, to enable benchmarking of the mallet based on the material properties and their assembled response to the testing. Quasi-static load tests using a universal tester are followed by dynamic tests using inertial sensors. All testing planes are chosen to replicate the common lines of action of match play. Loading produced a value for stiffness (k) and the dynamic testing produced a damping coefficient (c). These quantities are a quantitative measure for the properties and performance of any mallet and thereby remove the subjective nature of assessment. A subsequent study will determine how this data correlates with the performance in play, as well as impact, trajectory and fatigue responses.

Keyphrases: Cantilever, Flex, impact, lateral, longitudinal, Mallet, Materials, motion, polo, shaft

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