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Intelligent Adaptation Method for Human-Machine Interaction in Modular E-Learning Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 4454

11 pagesDate: October 22, 2020


The article describes ergonomic problems in e-learning systems. A new method for ensuring ergonomics of electronic educational resources, including ergonomic expertise and multilevel adaptation to the capabilities of trainees was developed. A model approach based on an anthropocentric concept is proposed, which takes into account the requirements of system analysis for the e-learning system as a man-machine complex, namely: multivariance and detailing of the functional structures of the dialogue man-machine interaction in the learning process; parameters, preferences and conditions for individual operators working with the system; the possibility of dynamic optimization of human-machine interaction in real time, providing mechanisms for multi-level adaptation to the human operator.

Keyphrases: an algorithm of activity, cognitive activity, Dialogue-based interaction, e-learning, e-learning system, effectiveness, Electronic Module, ergonomic expertise, Ergonomic Quality, Ergonomics, Human Computer Interaction, human factor, human operator, human-machine, human-machine interaction, information system, Information Technology, intelligent agent-manager, learning process, learning system, learning technology, mathematical model, modular e learning system, multilevel adaptation, Online and Blended Learning, optimization of activities, technology element, working process

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