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Empowering Youth Through Team-Based Online Projects (TOP): Addressing Rural Issues and Fostering Awareness

EasyChair Preprint no. 11321

6 pagesDate: November 17, 2023


The emergence of Team-based Online Projects (TOP), conceptualized by the second author during the pandemic, represents an innovative approach to addressing contemporary educational and collaborative challenges. This paper explores the TOP framework's successful implementation, which involves dividing participants into teams, each with a coordinator, for collaborative online projects. Teams choose project topics, ranging from literature searches to algorithm development, and engage in interdisciplinary activities, eventually making the students aware of the community-related problems. Team presentations are uploaded and peer-reviewed, fostering valuable interactions. TOP offers numerous advantages. Participants expand their networks, enhance teamwork and presentation skills, and engage in peer learning. The framework encourages future collaborations and partnerships between participants from different backgrounds. By enabling the concept to the students to engage with community-related issues, TOP helps bridge the gap between their academic knowledge and the practical needs of the community, fostering greater awareness and understanding. Participant feedback emphasizes the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, improved teamwork, and communication skills. The gained experiences fuel future research and innovation. This paper underscores TOP's role in raising rural awareness while cultivating a collaborative learning environment. In essence, TOP empowers youth and contributes to holistic learning.

Keyphrases: collaborative learning, Rural problem awareness, Team-based Online Projects (TOP), Youth Empowerment

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