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A Systematic Review on Network Security Issues and Threats

EasyChair Preprint no. 11719

15 pagesDate: January 8, 2024


Penetration testing has become an integral part of a comprehensive security program. Pen tests are conducted by ethical hackers to mimic the strategies and actions of the attacker. This complicated task is creative, and it needs you to understand your task completely.

All security problems detected are then presented to the customer together with an assessment of their impact on the system and in the corporate business scenario, also providing a technical solution for abilities mitigation. More specifically, different penetration tests using a private network, devices, and virtualized systems and tools. We predominately used tools within the Kali Linux suite. The attacks we performed included: smartphone penetration testing, hacking the phone’s Bluetooth, traffic sniffing, hacking WPA Protected Wife, Man-in-the-Middle attack, spying (accessing a PC microphone), hacking the phone’s Bluetooth, and hacking remote PC via IP and open ports using an advanced port scanner.

This paper investigates about different penetration testing tools in kali Linux, how to deploy it and how to make use of it to perform different types of attacks which includes methodologies and also defense strategies. Technically, we will perform different penetration tests with virtualized systems, tools and using private networks. The attacks that are performed were: Man in the middle attack and traffic spoofing and sniffing using both terminal and by Ettercap and driftnet, Bluetooth hacking, spying a webcam.

Keywords : System Penetration, Network Security , Hacking , Penetration Testing

Keyphrases: Hacking, Network Security, penetration testing, System Penetration

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