Proceedings of 37th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications

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360 video, active database system, AI, Apps, AR, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Network, Augmented Reality, Augmented Reality Requirements, B+ tree, Black Hat, Blockchain, CDSS, Chronological Survey, Coverage area, cryptomining, Driver Safety, Emotion Detection, Emotional frequencies, End-User Development, Entropy Analysis, Ethical Hacking, eye tracking, Fourier transform, Fuzzy Logic, geolocation, Graph Database System, Grey Hat, Hearthstone Battleground Simulator, HMD, Industrial Control System Security, Internet of Things, IoT2, iRobot, JSON Schema, Keyloggers, KPIO, lattice, Location-based Study, machine learning2, Madware, Malware, medical simulation, MIPS, Modbus over TCP/IP, Monte Carlo Tree Search, neural network, NVMe, Ontology, performance evaluation, porting, Process Store (PS), Random Forest, Recruitment, Redundant Area, Rewarding driving, Robot Vacuum, searching algorithm, Self-Encrypting Drive, service model, short text, smart contracts, social media, Software Quality Assurance and Testing, Software-based encryption, Support Vector Machine, text mining, topic modeling, Trigger-Action Programming, Trojan, VR, White Hat