Proceedings of 39th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications

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Accessibility, AI, AI Model, AI-based security systems, Approximate Query Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Asymmetric Key, Bard of Prey, Bike sharing system, binary tree, birth-death process, Blockchain, Boolean function, bootstrap sampling, Chatbot2, ChatGPT3, Cloud, communication, Constant storage, Cyber-Physical Systems, Data Security, Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient, digital signature, document categorization, ECC, ECDH, Education, ElGamal, Elliptic Curve, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, embeddings, Encryption, error estimation, evaluating, Federated Learning, generator, Google Bard, GPT, graph, Homomorphic, human-centered design, interaction, Internet of Things, k-anonymity, key, Large Language Models (LLMs), Latency, LFSR, machine learning3, Malware, Markov Network, memoization, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), neural networks, NIST, non-linearity, OpenACC, OpenAI, Optimization, P2P networks, parallel programming, Petri nets, Phishing, Point Operations, polyhedron, private key, pTree, public key, rear-end collision, recursion, Reinforcement Learning, Residue class, robot navigation, RSA, Script Kiddie, Security, Sentiment Analysis, SHA, Shortest paths storing and retrieval, simulation, social networks, star network, Tabulation, text classification, text mining, Timed Petri nets, transformer, Twitter, user experience, Vector Database, Zero Trust Security framework