ICRISET2017:Papers with Abstracts

Abstract. Face recognition is still complicated task because to envision human actions might not realizable in each incident. Intention of face recognition is to identify human based on face that is similar from available dataset face images. Human face has multidimensional structure so it requires efficient technique for face harmonization and verification.
Proposed work aim for developing efficient human face recognition method that deals with front as well as side view face in normal face expression. Using Viola–Jones face detection algorithm it accumulate only face region. Face features like eyes, nose and lip are extracted from whole face region using canny edge detection and harris corner detection method. To match individual face features, it compares position of edge boundary of features between images. Authors’ uses Euclidian distance method to retrieves maximum match value among all store face images. Based on threshold value it decides whether human face is recognized or not. Authors have evaluated performance of proposed method with DCT, DWD, PCA and LFL method on public free database like FEI, CVL and MIT-CBCL.
Abstract. Public health is constantly under risk due to growing microorganisms. Infectious disease spread rapidly among the population in contact and so people take the different steps to reduce the transmission of disease. Compartmental model such as SIR model developed by W. Kermack and G Mckendrick are modeled for the progress of epidemic. Fixed point analysis has been applied to mathematical models of compartmental infectious disease models for understanding the long term outcome of disease. We have applied the analysis to the spread of infectious disease and obtained the threshold value and this threshold value helps us to predict when epidemic peaks.
Abstract. The geometries of points, lines, line segments, triangles and circles have been studied at depth by many learned mathematicians, scholars and researchers for a long period of time. Among these geometries the geometrical properties of nine-point circle is indeed interesting, fascinating and glamorous also. The curiosity present in human mind have motivated the aforesaid community to explore the properties of more than one nine-point circle emerging from four arbitrarily chosen points. In this paper the authors have attempted to simulate a few of them in a user friendly environment and bringing in light a case which is yet not either studied or not found in the prevailing literature, as regards Schro ̈dder’s findings. Key words: Nine-point circle, ortho-centric points, collinear points, MATLAB
Abstract. In this paper we propose a fuzzy Laplace transform to solve fuzzy initial value problem under strongly generalized differentiability concept. The fuzzy Laplace transform of derivative was used to solve Nth-order fuzzy initial value problem. To illustrate applicability of proposed method we plot graphs for different values of r -level sets by using Mathematica Software.
Abstract. We have studied closed periodic orbits with loops for two systems – Sun – Mars and Sun – Earth systems – using Poincare surface section (PSS) technique. Perturbation due to oblateness for the second primary (Mars or Earth) is taken in to consideration and obtained orbits with loops varying from one to five around both primaries. It is found that the oblateness coefficient A2 and Jacobi constant C has non- negligible effect on the position of the orbits. The model may be useful for designing space mission for low – energy trajectories.
Abstract. Spontaneous imbibition is the process in which the wetting phase is drawn into a porous medium by means of capillary force. Cocurrent and countercurrent spontaneous imbibitions are defined as wetting and non-wetting fluid flow in identical, and opposite directions respectively. The mathematical model is developed for cocurrent imbibition phenomenon in the inclined oil formatted homogeneous porous medium. An approximate analytical solution of the governing equation is derived by homotopy analysis method. The graphical and numerical solutions are discussed.
Abstract. In 2016, Patel and Mishra introduce the operators which is generalization of well-known Szasz- Mirakyan operators. In this manuscript, we have discussed Voronovskaja asymptotic of Stancu type generalization of the operators defined by Patel and Mishra.
Abstract. Advancement of Technology has replaced humans in almost every field with machines. By introducing machines, banking automation has reduced human workload. More care is required to handle currency, which is reduced by automation of banking. The identification of the currency value is hard when currency notes are blurry or damaged. Complex designs are included to enhance security of currency. This makes the task of currency recognition very difficult. To correctly recognize a currency it is very significant to choose the good features and suitable algorithm. In proposed method, Canny Edge Detector is used for segmentation and for classification, NN pattern recognition tool is used which gives 95.6% accuracy.
Abstract. This investigation aims to study the performance characteristic of a Ferrofluid based squeeze film in infinitely long porous transversely rough rectangular plates considering the effect of deformation and slip velocity. The magnetic fluid flow model of Neuringer and Rosenweig has been used. Beavers – Joseph slip model has been adopted and the stochastic method of Christensen and Tonder has been deployed for roughness. The associated stochastically averaged Reynolds’ type equation is solved. The results prove that the Ferrofluid lubrication offers a limited help in reducing the adverse effect of slip velocity, deformation and porosity, even in the case of negatively skewed roughness. However, the situation improves when variance (- ve) occurs and lower to moderate values of deformation is involved. Aside, this study shows that the slip coefficient has to be at the reduced level an improvement of the bearing performance.
Abstract. The present paper discusses the fingero-imbibition phenomenon in a double phase dis- placement process through homogeneous porous medium with the involvement of a layer of magnetic fluid in the injected phase. This phenomenon has much importance in petroleum technology. The nonlinear partial differential equation governing this phenomenon with appropriate boundary conditions is solved by an optimal homotopy analysis method. The convergence of the solution is decided by minimizing discrete squared residual.
Abstract. Present paper is concerned with the study of flow, heat and mass transfer characteristics in the unsteady natural convective magneto hydrodynamics flow of chemically reactive electrically conducting Nano fluid past over an exponentially accelerated vertical plate in the presence of soret and thermal radiation. It is assumed that the bounding plate has ramped temperature with ramped surface concentration and isothermal temperature with ramped surface concentration profile through uniform porous medium. The governing non- dimensional partial differential equations are solved analytically using Laplace transform technique. The features of the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer are analyzed for all parameters by plotting graphs. Skin friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are obtained and represented through tabular form
Abstract. This article studies effect of thermal radiation, chemical reaction and parabolic motion on the unsteady MHD Casson fluid flow past an infinite vertical plate embedded with ramped wall temperature. The fluid is electrically conducting and passing through a porous medium. This phenomenon is modeled in the form of partial differential equations with initial and boundary conditions. Some suitable non-dimensional variables are introduced and corresponding dimensionless equations are solved using the Laplace transform technique. Analytical expressions for velocity, temperature and concentration profiles are obtained. The features of the velocity, temperature and concentration are analyzed by plotting graphs and the physical aspects are studied for different parameters like the magnetic field parameter M, thermal radiation parameter R, chemical reaction parameter〖 R〗^', thermal Grashof number Gr, mass Grashof number Gm, Schmidt number Sc, Prandtl number Pr and time variable t. It is seen that velocity profiles decrease with increase in thermal radiation R and chemical reaction parameter〖 R〗^'.
Abstract. In this paper, one-dimensional heat equation subject to both Neumann and Dirichlet initial boundary conditions is presented and a Spline Collocation Method is utilized for solving the problem. Also, Spline provides continuous solution in contrast to finite difference method, which only provides discrete approximations. It is found that this method is a powerful mathematical tool and can be applied to large class of linear and nonlinear problem in different fields of science and technology. Numerical results obtained by the present method are in a good agreement with the analytical solutions available in the literature.
Abstract. In this research paper, we have used texture and color features for flower classification. Standard database of flowers have used for experiments. The pre- processing like noise removal and segmentation for elimination of background are apply on input images. Texture and color features are extracted from the segmented images. Texture feature is extracted using GLCM (Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix) method and color feature is extracted using Color moment. For classification, neural network classifier is used. The overall accuracy of the system is 95.0 %.
Abstract. This paper aims to discuss the combined effect of longitudinal surface roughness and deformation on the behavior of a ferrofluid based squeeze film in conical plates. The Neuringer and Rosenweig model for ferrofluid flow has been considered resorting to an unusual form of the magnitude of the magnetic field. For the evaluation of surface roughness the stochastic model of Christensen and Tonder has been adopted. The concerned stochastically averaged Reynolds type equation is solved to obtain the pressure distribution which results in the calculation of load carrying capacity. The results establish that the positive effect of magnetization adds to the positive effect of longitudinal surface roughness under restricted circumstances. However, for an overall improved performance the bearing deformation must be addressed carefully as it has a significant effect on the squeeze film behavior. Besides, this article offers an additional degree of freedom through the magnitude of the magnetic field for designing the bearing system.
Abstract. Weakly analytic sets for function algebra is studied by Arenson in (Arenson). Here, we study the concept of weakly analytic sets for Cartesian product of function algebras. We express the weakly analytic sets for Cartesian product of function algebra in terms of that for factor algebras.
Abstract. This paper shows an approximate solution of Uni-dimensional vertical ground water recharge that can be solved using finite difference method with matlab programme. The average diffusivity coefficient over the whole range of moisture content is regarded as constant and a parabolic variation of permeability with moisture content is assumed.
Abstract. In this paper, we have described an operative prototype for Internet of Things (IoT) used for consistent monitoring various environmental sensors by means of low cost open source embedded system. The explanation about the unified network construction and the interconnecting devices for the consistent measurement of environmental parameters by various sensors and broadcast of data through internet is being presented. The framework of the monitoring system is based on a combination of embedded sensing units, information structure for data collection, and intellectual and context responsiveness. The projected system does not involve a devoted server computer with respect to analogous systems and offers a light weight communication protocol to monitor environment data using sensors. Outcomes are inspiring as the consistency of sensing information broadcast through the projected unified network construction is very much reliable. The prototype was experienced to create real-time graphical information rather than a test bed set-up.
Abstract. Sensor nodes of wireless sensor networks are deployed in open environments. Hence, an attacker can easily compromise the node. An attacker can compromise a node to generate false reports and inject them into the network. This causes unnecessary energy consumption associated with the process of transmitting false alarm messages and false data reports to the system. If the attacker keeps repeatedly attacking, the attacks will cause problems such as a reduction in the entire network life or disabling of the networks. Yu and Guan proposed a dynamic en-route filtering scheme to detect and drop these false reports before they reach the base station. In dynamic en-route filtering, the energy waste of the intermediate nodes occurs until it is detected early. In this paper, we propose a method to save the energy of the intermediate nodes by searching for the compromised node and blocking the reports generated at that node. When verifying a false report at the verification node, it can know its report information. The base station is able to find the cluster of compromised nodes using that information. In particular, by knowing the location of the node that has been compromised, we can block false alarms and energy losses by blocking reports generated in that cluster.
Abstract. In graph theory, different types of matrices associated with graph, e.g. Adjacency matrix, Incidence matrix, Laplacian matrix etc. Among all adjacency matrix play an important role in graph theory. Many products of two graphs as well as its generalized form had been studied, e.g., cartesian product, 2−cartesian product, tensor product, 2−tensor product etc. In this paper, we discuss the adjacency matrix of two new product of graphs G H, where = ⊗2, ×2. Also, we obtain the spectrum of these products of graphs.
Abstract. Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) is useful for providing communication, where internet connection does not exist or in an Environment where long delay path and frequent partitions in transmission is present. A critical challenge for DTN is to determine the routing path through the network without ever having an end to end path, or finding which routers will be connected at any given instant of time. To find a routing path mobility of user needs attention, here we use human mobility model: Self Similar Least Action Walk (SLAW). In this paper, we extract pause time from past history of human mobility and utilize for routing in DTN. This concept will improve routing performance. In this paper, we propose the Multi-copy SimBet Routing with pause time factor. Finally, we conclude that the proposed routing method gives a message delivery ratio nearly equal to the Epidemic Routing, also reduce latency and overhead of the network.
Abstract. The rate of web application threats is growing more and more now in days. The most of software bugs are result from inappropriate input validation. It should lead to attack of confidential information, breaking of knowledge integrity. We develop a scanner for detecting SQ injection and XSS type software-bugs which is based on hidden web crawl and make open source scanner with the aim of hidden web crawling which may be require authentication. In this research paper we presents a new technique to find vulnerability which include advantages of black-box analysis of different web pages. And at the end we shows evaluation table which mention comparison of our scanner with two other web scanner tool. So finally this paper additionally shows how easy it is to scan web application bugs with dynamic analysis and retrieve hidden web pages from web applications.
Abstract. Satellite images are a growing resource of information and have many applications. In this research, the multispectral satellite images have been subjected to unsupervised classification based on K-Means clustering using Hadoop Framework, which is designed for big data processing, along with Hadoop Image Processing Interface (HIPI). We developed support for the GeoTIFF format, which is usually used for satellite images, and we will show that our methodology enhances the performance.
Abstract. In large-scale wireless sensor networks, sensors are vulnerable to false report and false vote injection attacks since they are deployed in hostile environments. These attacks drain their limited energy resources of forwarding nodes and drops important data. Probabilistic voting-based filtering scheme simultaneously detects both the attacks through vote verification. To effectively detect them, it is important to define the vote length of the reports since the vote length is fixed at the initial phase. We find the effective vote length using a simulation model since it is nearly impossible to evaluate the security protocol performance on the real nodes. We demonstrate that the security protocol, in which the vote length is five, achieves better detection ratio against the two attacks.