OMNeT Summit 2019:Editor's Preface

The 6th OMNeT++ Community Summit was held from 04-06 September 2019 at the Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, Italy. The objective of the Summit is to provide an opportunity for the developers and users of the OMNeT++ simulator and its frameworks to present their work.

To facilitate the interaction among participant, for the first time in the Summit’s history, a novel presentation format called ConversTation was followed. It is a highly interactive concept, which provides much more feedback and useful discussion time than traditional talks. Overall, the technical contributions covered different themes within the scope of the OMNeT++ topics, including: 

  • security in the context of 5G networks and in time-sensitive networking for Cars;

  • evaluation of the NDP transport protocol in large-scale data center;.

  • simulation models for the Software Defined Networking mechanism real-time ethernet and for BGP4;

  • techniques for speedup of IoT-based simulations with OMNeT++ through Contact Traces;

  • performance evaluation of vehicular networks in an automated scenario;

  • study on the dynamics of pedestrian mobility in the context of mobile networks.

The Summit has the character of a social get-together, where the core developers of OMNeT++ and the community using and extending OMNeT++, uses the opportunity not only to share their work, but also to obtain valuable feedback and make plans for collaborations. The work presented at the Summit are made available in this publication. We thank the participants, the reviewers and the organizers for making the 6th OMNeT++ Community Summit a great success.




* Technical Program Organizers

Anna Förster (University of Bremen, Germany)

Antonio Virdis (University of Pisa, Italy)

* Community Summit Organizers

Andreas Timm-Giel (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)

Koojana Kuladinithi (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)

Zeynep Vatandas (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)
November 26, 2019
Bremen, Germany