Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Geospatial Information Sciences


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3D point cloud, AIS, Bajo Grijalva Basin, Clandestine graves, classification process, color space, coral reef, CubeSat, CUDA, Deep Feedforward Network, density estimation, Dictionary model, Digital Image Processing, Doc2Vec, embeddings, Fishing gear, Geographic Entity Disambiguation, Geographic Entity Recognition, Geographic Information Extraction, Geomatics, geoparsing2, GIS, Land suitability, Land use classification, Landsat ARD, location disambiguation, MaxEnt, milpa, multi-level linear logistic regression, Multi-temporal classification, multispectral images, network analysis, NLP, non-linear model, Normalized Indixes of vegetation, Normalized Indixes of Water, On-board computing, Open Data Cube, pattern detection, pattern recognition, Photogrammetry, Polyculture, processing, Qualified theft, Regression Kriging, remote sensing3, Satellite, satellite imagery, Segmentation, segregation, Sentinel2, space-time analysis, spatial accessibility, Spatial Privacy, TRMM, UAVs, visualization, Xochimilco Lake