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Cross-layer Stack Design Framework in OMNeT++

12 pagesPublished: October 23, 2018


While networking applications are getting more comprehensive, the information required to perform the algorithms running upon such applications is increasing. Even though the modular design of network stacks provides an important abstraction between layers, it is now necessary to use all layer-specific information in cooperation. Therefore, cross-layer applications are designed for years. However, implementing and testing them in network simulators are still complex. In this study, we implemented a cross-layer design onto TCP/IP stack and gave a guide to design this architecture in OMNeT++. We also investigated the design in an example use case that is a clustering algorithm for ad-hoc networks.

Keyphrases: Ad hoc, cross-layer, Framework, stack

In: Anna Förster, Asanga Udugama, Antonio Virdis and Giovanni Nardini (editors). Proceedings of the 5th International OMNeT++ Community Summit, vol 56, pages 11--22

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