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Hierarchical Classification Technique for Identifying Anomalous Trends in Bridge Monitoring Data Patterns

EasyChair Preprint no. 9035

12 pagesDate: October 10, 2022


SHM systems have been widely implemented in long-span bridges, and seas of field measurement data have been accumulated. Due to the imperfect sensors, data transmission and acquisition, various anomalies inevitably exist in the SHM data, which may lead to unreliable structural condition assessment. Thus, an effective approach for detecting data anomalies is highly desirable. Due to the imbalanced data, some anomalous patterns are undertrained in popular end-to-end deep neural network models, resulting in a reduction in detection precision.In this paper, a hierarchical classification model with deep neural network tree is proposed for imbalanced data. The DNN tree contains three levels: (1) CNN to divide seven types of data into four categories (134, 2, 5, 67), denoted as C4; (2) two DNNs to classify to two classes separately (1, 34, 6, 7), denoted as D2D2; (3) DNNs to classify to two classes (3, 4). So, the DNN tree is presented as C4_D2D2_D2. The DNN tree is an open framework and can be defined based on the data characteristics. In the data processing, three data sets are built for training, namely single-channel data set, dual-channel data set and statistical data set. To validate our work, we considered the effects of balanced and imbalanced training sets and training ratios. The results show that our model can detect the multi-pattern anomalies of SHM data efficiently with 95.5% high accuracy. Besides, the proportion of abnormal data classified to normal data has been reduced, especially 3-minor. This model successfully solves the problem in a simple and easy to understand way, which has certain reference significance for the bridge structure anomaly judgment in the future.

Keyphrases: Bridge monitoring, CNN, Hierarchical classification model, SHM system

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